Eating Through My Fridge & Pantry Experiment ~ Day 8

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I really want to make Chicken Piccata but since chicken will be a special treat I'm going to save it until the mushrooms in the fridge can't hold on much longer. So 2-3 more days? I keep mushrooms in the fridge in a paper bag, slightly opened to let air in. Plastic bags are no-nos because of all the moisture that gets trapped in there which causes them to rot more rapidly. However, the mushrooms still seem to go bad fairly quickly even with the paper bag method.

My mother gave me cinammon raisin bread on Saturday and it's Monday and half the loaf has already been consumed. Partly due to the beau's raving hunger and partly due to the fact that toasted cinammon raisin bread with butter is one of my major weakness. I'm going to try to save the loaf for when I run out of milk.

Breakfast - Cereal and some cinammon raisin bread.

Lunch - Leftovers from yesterday. Which wasn't much, because the beau ate a whole lot of my food. At least he didn't eat all my chips.

Dinner - In my pantry I have a can of Corned Beef Hash. I'm going to sautee it in some olive oil so it gets really crispy, then I will add cooked onion and cubanelle pepper, some thawed (previously frozen) corn kernels and beaten eggs. Delicious! One of my favorite dinners. Having a can of Corned Beef Hash handy was smart and I'll continue to do that in the future.

Snacks for the week - I took advantage of my day off today (Labor Day in the States) to use my Peanut Butter Cookie mix that was in my pantry and make a whole mess of cookies. I can easily store them in the fridge and bring them to work as mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks to get my sugar up.

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