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After the experiment I did to clear out my fridge and pantry (read the chronicles here), I realized how much stuff I buy that I don't want to eat! I fill my fridge and pantry with things like frozen gnocchi, artichoke salad and chocolate pudding cups but when it comes to eating any of these things I avoid them like the plague. I came to the conclusion that I was avoiding purchasing certain foods because I knew I would eat them. That seems counterintuitive but in my mind it made sense. If it was available, I would cave into temptation and eat that whole 4-pack of flan cups. Or that entire bag of sea-salt bagel chips. But in avoiding I was also avoiding purchasing key staples that could be building blocks to future meals. It was also making me purchase those foods I didn't really want to eat anyways. Then what would happen is by Wednesday or Thursday, the food in my fridge and pantry would discuss me and I'd spend more money on take-out, which is probably much worse in caloric intake than the grocery store temptations that I was avoiding.

I also came to the conclusion that I really need to beef up my supply of staples. Comparing my staples to those of the commenters on my Staples post (read the post here), my list was sorely lacking. Everyone else's list made it seem that they kept a mini-grocery store in their home. Lots of meals could be born out of things that are constantly in their kitchen.

So yesterday I did something completely different. I shelled out about $100 and bought a lot of food that I wanted to eat! Foods that I enjoyed and that could be building blocks for future meals. I also bought snacks for work and for outings in case my blood sugar gets low. This one big shopping trip should provide me with food for a month and all I'll need to do on a weekly basis is supplement my pantry with fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, milk, eggs, bread, etc.

Here is what I purchased:

Artichoke Hearts
Bagel Chips
Biscuits - Pillsbury
Canned Fruit
Chicken Breasts to freeze
Cinammon Rolls - Pillsbury
Corn Cakes - Thomas English
Corned Beef Hash (Canned)
Crescent Rolls - Pillsbury
Frozen Meals (that I enjoy eating!)
Frozen Peaches
Frozen Ravioli
Goya Rice
Grapefruit Juice
Ground Beef to freeze
Ground Turkey Meat to freeze
Kidney Beans, White Beans and Black Beans
Marinara Sauce
Refried Beans
Sour Cream
Sweetened Condensed Milk (in a bottle!)
Tomatoes (Canned)
Tortilla Chips
Vanilla Pudding

I know that this sounds like a lot of frozen and canned products but I'm also on a budget and these foods need to last a long time. I do intend to pair a lot of things with fresh produce. And althought this list isn't perfect, it's at least a start.

When I got home and put all my groceries away and saw how much wonderful food I had in my kitchen, a warm fuzzy feeling came over me. Now let's hope the beau doesn't eat it all by himself!


Kate Gabrielle said...

I see grapefruit juice! ;)

I always buy a lot of canned food too, especially beans and potatoes, but if you get low-sodium ones and rinse them first they're not really bad for you.

It's funny, when I'm at the grocery store I put everything in the cart and then add it up at the end to make sure I have enough $... if I'm over it seems like I always put back the important things. Taco shells and rice? Nah, that can wait until next week. But potato chips? I definitely NEED those. That's my grocery store weakness :)

Jonas Nordin said...

Great post! A list like that could actually help a lot of people get in touch with their "cooking inner self". It's a good way to start a basic cooking book: A "Things you always should have at home" list.

There are a lot of things on your grocery list I don't even know what they are though but those are only cultural differencies I guess. Cans are always great to keep in stock no matter the culture. I usually also keep an eye on dry goods like flour, cereal, rice or pasta. Those are things you never should run out of no matter how limited a budget you have.

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