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On Thursday, Carlos and I stopped by Chacarero, a Chilean Sandwich shop in downtown Boston. Carlos raved about the sandwiches and since he's half-Chilean himself I trusted his judment. Chacarero 's menu almost exclusively features their big ticket item, their traditional Chilean sandwich. The sandwich is served on a wide and flat bread and you can order it with super-thin steak, chicken, a combination of both or have it vegetarian style. They top it off with Muenster cheese, sliced tomatoes, a special homemade avocado spread and some hot sauce. The most unusual ingredient in the sandwich? Green beans. But oh how wonderful they work in this glorious sandwich. They add freshness and a nice texture. You will look forward to biting into those green beans. All the ingredients together were fabulous. The thin-cut steak was divine. I can't see myself buying the chicken one anytime soon.

Carlos ordered a Large Steak sandwich and I ordered a Regular sized one. The prize difference was scant a $1 but the sandwiches looked identical. My regular was huge and I had a difficult time eating the whole thing. In fact, I plum gave up at one point. We washed our sandwiches down with Blood-Orange/Mango and Grapefruit/Citrus sodas. The sodas were delicious, not too sugary, low in calorie and only a little bit of carbonation. I have a few complaints about the place. I don't care for the pay-first model they have. I'd rather stand in line picking out what I want, order it, then pay for it. It was awkward trying to decide what we wanted first then paying then ordering. Also, they don't keep that place very clean. I was a little grossed out by the dirty tables and the empty bottles of soda everywhere. Gross! Next time, I'll buy my regular sized steak sandwich to go.


The1stdaughter said...

I always wonder about places like that, because if they're okay about the front being that dirty...what exactly does the back look like? Hmmmm.... And that paying option sounds a little odd.

Anywho, the sodas look fantastic, may have to look for those sometime! Plus, though the place doesn't sound clean the sandwhich looks very very good. Hopefully they'll see your review and hiring a cleaning person? Hehe

Raquelle said...

They make the sandwiches in front of you so at least you can see the process and know if the area they process the food is unkempt. That looked relatively clean. So I'm hoping we got non-dirty sandwiches. Ha! It's just the eating area was disgusting. I do hope they read this and clean up!

Those sodas were great. I wonder who else sells them? It would be great to buy them at a supermarket.

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